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Welcome to some of our Success Stories.... 

Our sole purpose is to help you to regain and maintain your health and vitality on your path to healing from illness.  

We believe that all things are possible with a new way to look at and appreciate your body.


Below you will find a selection of success stories from people who may be just like you.

People who were looking for help for some of those unanswered questions.

You will find stories about lupus, cancer, rheumatoid  arthritis, severe sinus congestion with chronic sleep apnea,

debilitating migraine headaches, severe pituitary fatigue, and more. 

"8 months ago I had severe pituitary/adrenal fatigue. Today, I do NOT. Test results came in Monday. What changed? I started seeing Brandi Owens." Hillary H.

I rarely post about my health ... mostly because it's depressing and nothing ever changes.

8 months ago I had severe pituitary/adrenal fatigue. Today, I do NOT. Test results came in Monday. What changed? I started seeing Brandi Owens (480-241-2415) from Energy Medicine Therapies.


If you are sick ... go see her. It works!!! They work with EVERYONE ... auto-immune, CANCER patients, she helped my mom after her knee replacement, and she even sees the kids for allergies and sinuses! It's amazing! 

This is NOT a massage! It is ELECTRO lymphatic therapy. 

I still have a long way to go, but at least now I'm headed in the right direction. Call them. Seriously. I've been sick for TWELVE YEARS ... I'm telling you ... this works!

Hillary H.

Scottsdale, Arizona

BrandiOwens Feather.png
“ I am happy to report that I am no longer on synthetic medication for lupus and have chosen to overcome my health challenges naturally.” Laura B.

I first discovered Electro-Lymphatic Therapy in a skin brushing class offered by Brandi. I have been having sessions for the last 6 months and it has not only changed my well-being, but has transformed my body and mind.

 About 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus. I was a high functioning business professional whose life had been completely altered. I no longer had the energy to drive to work, spend quality time with my family, and some days even have the strength to get out of bed. I was prescribed medication to over -come the inflammation and pain, which only seemed to make me less active.


Brandi not only introduced and educated me on the therapy, but she could personally relate to my life altering condition. Her background in being an RN and her progressive expertise helped guide me to regain my ability to perform everyday responsibilities. Since consistently having sessions with Brandi, I have lost 15 lbs, have more energy and not to mention I receive consistent compliments on how my body, skin, and attitude have completely transformed.  I now know and understand on how critical our lymphatic system and detoxification is to living a healthy life style. I am happy to report that I am no longer on synthetic medication and have chosen to overcome my health challenges naturally.

Thank you for providing a space where I could benefit on gaining my health back in a natural progressive way!

~Laura B. Cave Creek Arizona

Brandi is a very well educated and accomplished Electro-Lymphatic Therapist, who also suggests ways to combine traditional medical therapies with holistic approaches to wellbeing. 

                       -Kandy R. Scottsdale, Arizona

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BrandiOwens Feather.png
"As a concerned parent, I can’t begin to explain the relief this therapy has provided me and ultimately for my daughter. I am so thankful for this non-invasive therapy that works in amazing ways." Shelly Grant. 
Testimonies about ELT, electro lymphatic therapy, chronic sinus infection, snoring, sleep apnea, weak immune system

My 6-year-old daughter, Taylor, has suffered from chronic allergies, colds, sinus infections and numerous other illnesses for the majority of her life.

Her sleeping habits of snoring, nightmares and sleep apnea tendencies due to the constant congestion were on going night after night and very concerning. I couldn’t remember when she last slept through the night. She was sleep deprived and her immune system was under so much strain. She had behavior issues at school and she was constantly blowing her nose. I am not sure she knew what normal breathing was supposed to feel like because it had gone on for so long with no relief.


I believe that everything happens for a reason and we were introduced to ELT at an ideal time when we were desperate for help. My brother told me about ELT. He had been working with Brandi to clear his long-term sinus infection and he was so impressed with his results. We didn’t know if someone so small could receive the therapy, but I knew I had to give it a try, and today I can say how blessed I was to be introduced to ELT.

My daughter’s first treatment was a minimal 10-minute session.  It is a rare occasion that Taylor can sit still for anything. Not only did she sit still for the treatment, she actually enjoyed it. To my amazement Taylor's breathing at night was immediately better. She slept through the night after the very first treatment.

We have continued a weekly treatment sessions and Taylor's breathing has not only continued to be better with minimal snoring, she also has had no sleep apnea and no nightmares. She has made huge improvements with her behavior and learning habits at school and at home. She is continually sleeping 10-12 peaceful hours at night and her immune system is strengthening. Taylor used to blow her nose repetitively throughout the day upwards of 20-30 times and now might blow her nose 3 to 5 times a day.


The results of the treatment have been shocking to our family and myself. As a concerned parent, I can't begin to explain the relief that this therapy has provided for myself and ultimately for my daughter.  I am so thankful for this non-invasive therapy that works in amazing ways.

Shelly G.

Prescott, Arizona 

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"Electro-Lymphatic Therapy reduced the inflammation in my body, relieved me of migraine symptoms, and has improved my quality of life beyond belief!" JEN K.

Severe migraines have controlled my life for nearly 25 years.  As a young kid up until I was 24, I would push through the pain, rest in a cold dark room, and treat the migraines with Excedrin. At the age of 24, I saw a neurologist who had difficulties pin pointing what was triggering the migraines. Searching for a solution, the neurologist and I played a game of chance and the migraines continued. Eventually, I was prescribed a preventative anti-seizure medication that resulted in intense side effects. Although this medication drastically reduced the duration and frequency of the migraines, I developed severe sinus/allergy complications. 

About 4 months ago the migraines came back stronger than ever. Each migraine would last up to 10 days causing me to have blurred or loss of vision and reduced function in my left arm. Concerned with the symptoms, the doctors started to test me for MS. I completed and passed the MRI brain scan checking for lesions. However, chronic sinusitis and sinus cysts were located in my left sinus cavity. Curious about the MRI results, I rummaged back through my medical records and found my MRI report from 7 years ago. Extremely frustrated, both MRI scans reported chronic sinusitis and sinus cysts in my left sinus cavity. Why was this issue never addressed?

About two and a half months ago, migraines began to control my life again. I had lost nearly 2 weeks of work over a 2-3 month period due to severe migraines. The migraines were so taxing on my body, holding me back from living my life, I became desperate for help. Then I found Brandi Owens with (founder/owner/creator of) Energy Medicine Therapies.

One of the Energy Medicine Therapies includs Electro-Lymphatic Therapy. When I called Brandi to see if Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) could help the migraines, Brandi asked only a few questions and she already had a suspicion that the sinusitis was the culprit.  At this point I was willing to give it a shot and see if she was right.

During my first 90 minute session, I experienced the sensation of mucous moving and pushing through my sinus cavities.  Almost immediately, I felt sinus relief and was able to freely breathe again! 

As Brandi recommended, I continued with weekly session, started a natural alternative protocol (instead of taking antibiotics…again), and regularly completed a sinus cleanse. I noticed tremendous results in my ability to breathe and a decrease in migraines! Since the beginning of my ELT experience, I maybe have had 3, simple to treat, small stress related headaches. ZERO migraines!

About a month and a half into the treatments, I felt my immune system preparing to test its’ strength. A sinus infection was developing in my good sinus cavity. Although I had swollen and painful cheeks, I was hoping this meant my left sinus cavity was infection free. After meeting with Brandi and discussing the congestion I was experiencing, we decided to ramp up my natural alternative antibiotics and sinus cleanse protocol. My immune system proved its strength and was functioning correctly! I was relieved of the swelling and pressure within 48 hours.

In my research online, I found there are tons of people who suffer from migraines and have had to alter their lifestyle to cope with the associated symptoms. I have also found there are numerous amounts of people who struggle with the same mental game of believing they may have MS; only to find out its simply sinus issues.

We become so used to the symptoms that we forget what “normal” feels like. What I thought was normal breathing for so many years is now the equivalent of a stuffy nose day. Electro-Lymphatic Therapy reduced the inflammation in my body, relieved me of migraine symptoms, and has improved my quality of life beyond belief!

Jen K. 

Tempe, Arizona

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"I love how I look and feel and I owe that to Brandi and her encouragement and wisdom." Marisa P.

I have had the pleasure of working with Brandi Owens since May. What a wonderful and enlightening experience.  Through European Thermography testing, I discovered my body had an infection, unbeknownst to me as I had no symptoms, had candida out of control, and discovered I was toxic with two heavy metals, uranium and titanium.  We started a process to rid my body of these things.  The Electro-Lymphatic Therapy is a means of ridding my body of unwanted build up due to processed food, chemicals, pesticides, etc.  


Brandi has taught me how to cleanse my body, reintroduce food while listening to how my body responds to what I eat and how that response makes me feel.  In the process, I have lost weight, gained more energy, and got rid of bloating.  I love how I look and feel and I owe that to Brandi and her encouragement and wisdom.


Marisa P. 

Chandler AZ

BrandiOwens Feather.png
I would have to recommend Brandi to anyone, especially if you have any kind of immune system problem, lymphatic drainage issues, or serious medical condition, as I know from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE 100% for certain that this treatment saved me." Jill S.

Brandi is incredible, very knowledgeable about conventional and alternative medicine. 

I would have to recommend Brandi to anyone, especially if you have any kind of immune system problem, lymphatic drainage issues, or serious medical condition, as I know from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE 100% for certain that this treatment saved me.  I recently was exposed to toxic mold and was having breathing problems and fluid in my right lung build up, and was diagnosed with lung cancer. After surgery, I ended up declining so badly that my family was making plans for raising my kids. 


I knew my lymphatic system had collapsed as my left arm swelled up from my shoulder to my fingers. (I had a mastectomy and 12 lymph nodes removed in 2006). The doctors were trying to send me out to Hospice Care. I opted to go home, and was discharged on continuous oxygen at 4 liters and still couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t even walk.


I immediately looked for the electro lymphatic therapy (previous experience after mastectomy) online and found a therapist.  I found Brandi, and that was the start of my turn around.  While everyone was expecting me to decline further, I kept getting better.  After a few weeks, my arm returned to its normal size, and she wasn’t even working on the arm.  She was working on the lymph system around my lungs and chest.  I was amazed that my arm completely recovered.  She mobilized the lymph system and my breathing and strength improved dramatically. 

immune system problems, cancer , lymphatic therapy, electro lymphatic therapy, lung cancer, mold exposure, breathing problems

My daughter was going to drop out of college to take care of me, but within 2 months, I was so much better, that I was able to move out of the moldy home, and return to driving, doing house chores, laundry, etc.  My daughter was able to make it off to college in Tucson.

I am an RN, and I will tell you, that there is something to this treatment.  The lymphatic system helps the body to heal and detoxify.  It is an awesome treatment. 

Brandi knows so much about the equipment, the lymphatic system and about so many different things. It has been 4 months since they wanted to send me off to Hospice, and I am still improving.  My last chest x-ray showed improvement in both the right and left side of my lungs.  All of my cancer markers have returned to normal.  Anyone can benefit from this therapy, as we are all toxic from the food and environment.  If you have any major or minor health, or immune system problems, I would highly recommend this therapy, and Brandi has extensive RN background with conventional and Naturopathic medicine.  She is knowledgeable in so many things.  She is fantastic!

I highly recommend Brandi!  I feel like she saved me!

Jill S. 

Chandler, Arizona

BrandiOwens Feather.png

I have known Brandi for many years. We are both registered nurses and worked together in an Intensive Care Unit.

I had heard from Brandi about how she had discovered a treatment called Electro-Lymphatic Therapy and how it improved her life. I was feeling run down and tired all the time.

So I went to Brandi and she explained how the therapy helps move the lymphatic system to rid the body of the toxins we all have from every day life. It can be done along with traditional medical treatments. I went every week for 2 months to build up the body response, and then I started doing maintenance once to twice a month. I have continued with the Lymphatic Therapy. It is worth the cost to have a healthy body, to sleep well and to have energy.

Thank you Brandi!

Kathy Miller RN, MSN

Mesa, Arizona

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"She taught others and me how Lymphatic Therapy works and how to do correct dry skin brushing to enhance lymphatic flow." Jenny K. 

Brandi was the Lymphatics Therapist at An Oasis of Healing, an integrative cancer clinic, when I was a patient there in 2012. She taught others and me how Lymphatic Therapy works and how to do correct dry skin brushing to enhance lymphatic flow. I continue to do what she taught me.


Brandi is a quiet and effective worker and strong in her knowledge. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to know more about lymph and how it flows or gets blocked, and how to promote its flow. Since I was her patient, she has moved on in her career and I wish her well in all her future advances.

Jenny K. worked directly with Brandi at An Oasis of Healing, Comprehensive Cancer Care Center

Currently living in the Gold Coast, Australia.

BrandiOwens Feather.png

For many years I struggled with fatigue, headaches, sore throats, joint pain and stiffness. My sister convinced me to go to Brandi, she was certain that the Electro-Lymphatic Therapy would at the very least ease some of my discomforts. After about 6 visits it was amazing the difference it made in my life.


I had so much energy my headaches and sore throats were gone and I realized that after sitting for extended periods of time I was no longer gimpy and had no trouble getting up and down without the joint pain and stiffness that made me feel and look years older than I should. Thank you so much Brandi!

Tonya B.

Mesa, Arizona

BrandiOwens Feather.png
"Less than 4 months after I started seeing Brandi my inflamation markers drop dramatically. My CRP dropped from 78.8 to 1.7 and my Sedimentation Rate dropped from 88 to 28! " Denise F. 

When I found Brandi I wasn’t looking for her. I had looked up Desert Sage Herbs to see what kind of people worked there and if there might be a chance to volunteer as I was studying to be a Health Coach and looking for opportunities to learn as much as I could.

But, Brandi’s profile stood out to me and I read about her and then researched what I could find about her experience and the use of the Alfa Sight 9000™, Regulation (European) Thermography and Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT).


At this time in my life I had been living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for three years, had visited three different rheumatologists and tried six different meds for RA. I often believed there was another way to heal but didn’t know what that way was yet and the doctors certainly don’t tell you. I kept thinking about what I had read about Brandi and her experience.


I figured it wouldn’t hurt to call her and ask questions because I wanted my active life back. I wanted to be able to kneel on the floor to my children’s eye level, ride my bike, go hiking, workout and do squats again, run and play with my dog, and be able to take long distance walks again.


After speaking with Brandi over the phone, I knew I really wanted to try working with her. The idea of finding help on my healing journey was giving me hope, yet I knew my insurance wouldn’t cover these alternative methods of testing and the healing protocols that Brandi had told me about briefly when we spoke.


It was very overwhelming for me; unemployed, trying to start my own business with two children under the age of five and a husband who is a disabled veteran. I called a friend who I knew would be honest with me and I asked her if the initial cost of the Alfa Sight 9000™; Regulation (European) Thermography test was worth it. She said yes, at our age we need to do whatever we can for our health.


So hesitantly I decided to see Brandi. She did the Alfa test on me and then after the brief report consult she provides with each test, I knew I needed to work with her. I was relieved when Brandi found answers to my questions, answers my doctors were unable to provide and I knew I needed help solving my health issues.


That excited me and I decided to work with her as my health consultant. She gave me food restrictions/elimination diet/and supplements to follow. As we worked together she helped me with all aspects of myself, it wasn’t just food and supplements.


She really listened to me; found clues in my words and helped at what ever level was needed each time we met. She really does work at an Integrative level.  I did exactly what she told me. Even though I did not have the extra money in the beginning to do the ELT, I was grateful each time extra money came my way and I was able to add ELT to my treatment program. The results have been incredible!


I started seeing Brandi in December 2015. Just before seeing her I had been to my rheumatologist for routine tests and listened to her tell me that I needed to add another medication on top of the one I was taking. At that time nothing was helping. None of the drugs they tried helped me at all. My inflammation markers were really high and nothing was bringing them down.


My CRP level was at 78.8 and my Sedimentation rate was 88. One month ago, a little less than 4 months of seeing Brandi, I was at my rheumatology appointment. The doctor was again telling me I needed to add another medication or switch my medications. When I refused they ran the lab tests again.


My inflammation markers were dramatically lower! The CRP level went down to 1.7, that is a HUGE drop, and the Sedimentation rate went down to 28. TWENTY EIGHT!!!!! What a difference!!


Since I started seeing Brandi my energy has been lifted, I have been on a couple of light hikes, I can walk longer distances, I have ridden my bicycle a couple of times, and even been able to bounce on the trampoline. I continue to have the ELT as well here and there when I have extra cash.


I have done everything Brandi has asked me to do (whether I like it or not). I will continue to until we know that I am in a place where I can stop taking medication. We still have a lot of work to do to reach the place where I consistently have no inflammation but I know and believe that time will come if I continue to be treated by Brandi. 

Denise F.

Chandler, Arizona

BrandiOwens Feather.png

"After experiencing the benefits of ELT myself, I had my 5 year old grandson receive 6 shorter treatments over a period of 3 months" Sara A.

After adjusting to the newness of the first treatment, he enjoyed and relaxed through the remainder.

His resulting bowel color indicated a release of liver toxins; which is associated with the anger meridian. We were delighted to see his occasional outbursts of anger cease. He appeared more patient, less stressed, and would engage in independent activities for longer periods of time. We were thrilled with these results!

On a side note; the lymphatic treatment is also wonderful for your body if you have to undergo any procedures with anesthesia, pain meds, or antibiotics. I've had it done after oral surgeries to pull out the negative effects of drugs-- felt great!!

Sara A.

Chandler, Arizona

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