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Those who may not receive ELT™ 

The list of contraindications for this therapy is very small and includes:


  1. Any person having an implanted pacemaker and/or defibrillator. This therapy uses a bio-resonant energy field that is very gentle and healing for the tissues of the body, though because this energy moves through the body to achieve the immune system benefits, we cannot take a chance on it interfering with the function of a pace maker.                      

  2. Note: implanted units like TENS units will need to turned off during the therapy.

  3. Any person having a current issue with blood clots, meaning a clot is currently present. This therapy is designed specifically to break up proteins that are trapped in the tissues preventing the optimal function of the immune system, and since clots are made up of proteins, we cannot perform the therapy over an area with clots present. Areas that are free from clots may be treated; for example a clot in the right leg would be avoided and ELT™may be provided to the rest of the body. Those who have a history of blood clots, and are on blood thinning medications, and are cleared by their doctor as having no clots present in the body may receive the therapy to the full body.                                        

  4. Note: With regard to clots that form while under treatment for cancer, meaning a new clot is present and diagnosed by your doctor. An ultrasound is required to identify location and size of the clot prior to receiving ELT™. Those who are on natural blood thinners to prevent clotting may receive the therapy without restrictions.

  5. Any person with new onset seizures. Those who are well controlled with medications, and have had no recent episodes of seizure are permitted to receive the therapy.

  6. Pregnant women and those who are nursing their babies. It is my personal preference to not use the therapy with these women for this simple reason: during ELT™ we will be moving potentially decades of built up toxins from the tissues which will be unavoidably fed to the baby either through the cord blood or through mother’s milk. With Environmental Working Group's release of the report on cord blood samples taken by the Red Cross immediately after cutting the cord, we now know that all babies tested had 287 chemicals present in their blood at birth. I believe the time to receive ELT™ would ideally be before pregnancy, or when nursing is completed.

  7. Those who are experiencing a chronic medical condition, it is advised that you consult with your medical professional before starting any new program.

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