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Getting the most from your EESystem experience 

Here are some things to know before you come in to get the most out of your experience with EESystem: 



Please come in with a mindset of focusing on what you want. Think about gratitude, your body being whole and perfect whatever those types of words are for you... it's important. Intention is everything because we're working with energy, so we need to work with the body from an energetic point of view. The best results with this system come from intention focusing on what is already good and making it great and allowing the body to use the tools to heal itself. Keep in mind this system is not doing anything specifically to you but giving you some tools; the bio photon light energy and scalar energy, so that your body can work to heal itself. We are energetic light beings, our DNA holds storage of photons (light energy) and this system is providing that same photon light energy. So that's where the intention is hugely important. One of the key things that this photon light energy along with the scalar energy is doing is balancing out or nullifying the energy fields that are creating so much decoherence in the body. EMF/RFR type energies, radiation and such that are coming at us that we have no real control over, this system helps to bring the body back into coherence.  


Secondly, you'll need to make sure that you are drinking a lot of clean pure water, because when the body comes back into coherence it will naturally want to flush out the waste, toxins and such that were bogging it down. We do have water in the office but our suggestion is to bring water in with you so you can charge it with the system, with the photon light energy, and you need the cap off the water to do this. Dr Sandra talks about a 28% reduction of surface tension on the water in the body which is going to allow you to hydrate much more efficiently and allow you to clear more efficiently. When that energy is introduced to the body and the body settles into it the body is going to want to clear out and so you need to keep those pathways open with good hydration. 


Third, Dr Sandra recommends warm salt baths after the sessions to facilitate elimination.


2 Cups Sea Salt (Himalayan, Celtic, Redmonds)

2 Cups Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda

1 Cup 20 Mule Team Borax

Optional to Add:

Add Pine Oil or Another Essential Oil

1/2 Cup Bentonite Clay

2 TSP -1/4 Cup Organic Ginger Powder

2 TSP -1/4 Cup Organic Matcha Green Tea

2 Cups Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide


The idea of the bath is to use the skin as the third kidney and help pull some of that burden off. Do not use epsom salt, that's magnesium sulfate and the body will be drawing that in rather than help to pull out. It is ideal to do this bath within 24 hours of your session (if you do not have a tub do a foot soak with half of the proportions, no metal or plastic containers ). It is suggested to continue to do these baths for the next few days after your session. It is also highly recommended to remineralize with a magnesium supplement after your salt baths. 


I prefer Living the Good life transdermal magnesium chloride for foot soak, sprays or creams found here: https://livingthegoodlife


Or oral magnesium chloride flakes making your own supplement for maximum absorption. Directions:

Put 5 teaspoons of the crystals in a dry quart size mason jar and fill with pure water. Or can add to another jar and fill with 32 ounces of pure water. It will dissolve, so no need to stir. Do not use metal with it. Keep in the fridge, it tastes better cold. Drink a shot glass (one ounce) each morning and night. And slowly titrate up to bowel tolerance. Can chase with water... if it's gross, you are really deficient. The better your levels get the better it will taste, but don't stop taking it. 

Link for the magnesium;


No cell phones, computers, anything with the screen should be used in the room unless you are wanting to listen to music. Try not to do podcasts or things that will stimulate your mind. Using a screen will decrease the benefits that you're trying to accomplish and truly your best result is to close your eyes and allow your body to drop into theta and Delta wave brain patterns, and parasympathetic function, where healing actually occurs. There have been studies that have shown that the photon light energy helps your body drop into a deeper state of meditation than the Tibetan monks have been measured at getting to, so again your best result is to have that intention in place and allow your body to drop in and receive the energy. There are eye masks on the shelf next to the clock. If you would like to use one, please help yourself. There are blankets and copper ion pillows available and the room is air purified with a Vollara Hydrogen (developed by NASA) air purifier so all surfaces are sanitized and the air you breathe will be healing and nurturing. There are 4 zero gravity chairs, small pillows and lumbar rolls for the back and I like one at my feet as well. 

Please don't worry about falling asleep, we will be there to wake you at the end of your session.

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