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Unlock Vitality and Rejuvenation: Discover the EESystem's Breakthrough Technology for Enhanced Well-being
The Energy Enhancement System

Experience Optimal Health with Bioscalar EESystem Fusion Technology


Invented by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the EESystem utilizes custom-built units and screens to create an extraordinary hyper-healthy energetic environment. Extensively researched since 1996, this Bio-Scalar Photonic Fusion Technology has garnered recognition at numerous medical and scientific conferences worldwide. This cutting-edge technology generates multiple bio-active energy fields, including scalar waves, that have a profound impact on your well-being. Discover a new level of vitality, balance, and rejuvenation with the EESystem.


Arthritis • Auto-Immune Disorder • Blood Disorders • Brain Fog • Ionizing/Non-Ionizing Radiation

• Chronic Fatigue • Detoxification • Depression • Diabetes • Diabetic Neuropathy • Fibromyalgia

• Infertility • Injury Recovery • Lyme • Memory Loss • Multiple Sclerosis • Nervous System Disorder

• Sickle Cell Anemia • Pain Relief • Parkinson's • Peak Performance • and more!


Join the global community that has embraced the EESystem for wellness, relaxation, detoxification, and regeneration. Whether you are an individual seeking personal rejuvenation or experiencing an acute or chronic health journey,  this system is your gateway to physical, mental, and spiritual development. Prepare to revitalize your body and awaken your senses using the world's most scientifically and clinically verified True Bio-Scalar Technology. With the EESystem you can recharge your core energy base, reverse the aging process, and experience immediate stress reduction. Watch as inflammation and nagging ailments fade away, sometimes in surprising amounts of time. The EESystem empowers your body to heal itself naturally.

Get ready to experience the surprising effects of the EESystem on a wide range of conditions and challenges. From arthritis and autism to autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, depression, and more, the EESystem has been known to make a positive impact. Say goodbye to pain and unlock peak performance in various aspects of your life. The possibilities are endless. Prepare to unlock your full potential and experience a new level of vitality like never before. 

EESystem Services - Explore the Path to Wellness

Ready to recharge your energy and experience the profound benefits of the EESystem?

Healing is a cumulative process, with each experience building upon the next, enabling the body to achieve wholeness and wellness. The photon light energy provided by the system restores coherence to the body's scalar energy. You can select from sessions ranging from 2 hour sessions as Dr Sandra recommends to multi-hour sessions. We can offer 1 hour sessions, however as the results are cumulative we do recommend 2 hours to amplify your results longer term. We offer a 12 unit system on a shelf surrounding a cozy room with four zero gravity chairs, made in France with padded seats, lumbar and bolster pillows, copper ion pillows for the head if needed, and eye masks are available for those who need them. We also provide blankets and a yoga mat if you prefer to be on the floor. If you wish to listen to music during the session, please bring your own headphones. The room is continually sanitized by a Vollara Hydrogen Air purifier, developed by NASA to keep all surfaces 99.9% clear of harmful pollutants and irritants. For more information on Vollara,  click here.

If you are interested in purchasing Vollara products please reach out and we will send you our distributor's contact information. 

  • Fees are as Dr Sandra suggests at $60/hour per chair

  • We offer a discount when coming in with 4 people to $45/hour per chair.

  • Pets are welcome and need to be contained by leash or crate.

  • 10% Veteran discount

  • No overnight stays

  • By appointment only, no walk ins

EESystem is offered only in the Carefree, AZ office

EESystem is scheduled by appointment only.

Please call 480-241-2415 to schedule

or click here to contact by email

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