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European Thermography:

Identify the source of Inflammation.

Regulation Thermography, AlfaSight 9000 system.  Measurement points taken during European Thermography test. Alternative to mammograms, European Thermography, European Thermometry



Chronic illness develops over time, long before we are aware of what’s happening.


European Thermography, also called Regulation Thermography, is founded on over 30 years of research by European doctors specializing in Integrative Medicine .

Whole-Body, European Thermography can help you discover the source of illness before symptoms appear and/or help you to address the root cause of a current illness rather than suppressing and masking the symptoms.


Imaging tests like Mammogram, MRI, and Ultrasound are anatomical tests.

Whole-Body Thermography is a functional test of organs and related systems. The test uses an infrared sensor that measures skin temperature at more than 100 points on the body before and after exposure to cool room temperature. Organs respond to this cooling stimulus on the skin surface via the Autonomic Nervous System.


How well your nervous system is able to influence the skin temperature at each point reveals information about the health of the underlying organs. Contributing factors to organ health are also captured during the test. This integrative approach helps your health care practitioner determine the therapies best suited for you, as well as additional tests that may be necessary to confirm findings.

European Thermography is the only testing method worldwide that can measure the health vitality of every organ system in your body and it is all printed out on a very easy to read and understand 6 page report.

European Thermography is for ages 12 and above. 

For more information on European Thermography, 


For test preparation requirements, 

  • More Preventative

  • More Informative

  • Gentle & Painless

  • Non-Invasive

  • Non-Toxic

  • FDA Approved

  • Integrative & Natural

Regulation Thermography, AlfaSight 9000 system. Alternative to mammograms, European Thermography, European Thermometry

Your appointment will include a 45-60 minute test appointment and 60-90 minute report consult meeting. 6-page report is given at the follow up meeting or can be emailed directly to you or your physician.

Please call 480-241-2415 to schedule your free 15-minute

consultation to answer your questions about the test and to schedule your appointment . 

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