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The Lymphatic System

You may not be aware of how extensive and miraculous your lymphatic system is and that it has sometimes been referred to as the “Information Highway” because it creates vitality, beauty and prevents illness. When functioning properly it effectively cleanses the tissues, aids in cellular repair and eliminates toxins.


Your body knows how to protect, how to heal, how to function at its best with an optimal functioning lymphatic system.  Being unaware is largely because within the conventional medical community this system has been over looked for many, many years.

Below is some interesting facts about this largely ignored system in our bodies and hopefully this will inspire you to look at your body and your health with fresh new eyes. 

Tidbits about the Lymphatic System
  •  The lymphatic system is a large network of one-way vessels that follow closely with the blood circulatory system

  • You have somewhere between 600 and 700 lymph nodes in your body

  • This is an extensive network, involving other lymphatic organs such as the spleen, tonsils, thymus, bone marrow, and peyer’s patches located within the intestines

  • The lymphatic system plays a large role in maintaining the fluid balance in the body

  • The lymphatic system transports interstitial fluid from the tissues to return it back to the circulatory system

  • There is 2 -3 times more lymphatic fluid in your body than blood

  • Interstitial fluid, representing 70% of lymphatic fluid, touches nearly every cell in your body

  • The lymphatic system is the only way to bring nutrients and oxygen in and take waste out of your body

  • There is no pump to move the lymphatic system, that your skeletal muscle movement and deep breathing exercises are primarily how lymph fluid is moved

  • The infection fighting cells of the body are called lymphocytes

  • There is less than 1% of lymphocytes found in the blood, that the majority of lymphocytes are found primarily within the lymphatic organs and tissues

  • That B Lymphocytes are responsible for antibody production to help your body recognize and defend against foreign invaders, like bacteria, viruses, and other cells that don't belong

  • B Lymphocytes are made within the lymph node, travel to the bone marrow for “education” and then return to the lymph node where immune response happens

  • T Lymphocytes travel from peyer’s patches to the thymus to receive their “education” and then return to the lymphatic tissues and organs

  • T Lymphocytes account for 75% of all lymphocytes

  • 70% of our immune system comes from the gut, the intestines, and this requires a healthy balance of good bacteria to have a healthy functioning immune system

  • Your lymphatic system IS your immune system; it is how your body defends against bacteria, toxins, and waste

  • The only way to move fatty acids through the body is through the lymphatic system

  • That cellulite is primarily blocked lymph fluid with metabolic and toxic waste that makes our fat cells appear more prominent, giving the appearance of cellulite

  • That all chronic diseases are linked to inflammation, which is directly related to an impaired lymphatic system

Lymphatic drainage, lymphatic vessel, lymphatic anatomy, electro lymphatic therapy
Inflammation or Congestion

Impaired function of the lymphatic system is caused by congestion. In a congested system, lymph is thick and stagnant, laden with toxins and unable to move and eliminate those wastes. This creates an environment that alters healthy growth and allows waste to gather, restricting oxygen and nutrition delivery to the cells therefore allowing disease to happen.


This is the definition of inflammation, the waste and toxic build up that gathers around the cells in the thick, stagnant water of the lymphatic system. When we speak of decongesting the lymphatic system, we are talking about decongesting the terrain or tissues of your body, the place where all life happens.   

Imagine a large jar filled with marbles, and fill the remaining space with water. With a lid on you can tip the jar this way and that and see the water move effortlessly around the marbles. When you apply this picture to your body, this is what a healthy interstitial space (or the space between the cells where nutrition is delivered and waste is removed) looks like, free flowing movement of water/interstitial fluid moving around the cells.


When inflammation sets in the fluid in the jar becomes thick and sticky, sluggishly trying to get around the marbles. I want to create a vivid picture for you so that this idea of congestion will begin to make sense. If we are still looking at the jar of marbles with water in it, we can begin to imagine that as stress starts to compromise the body, the fluid changes from water to a milk like consistency. And as we continue to ignore or be unaware of the changes that are happening, that milk like fluid changes to yogurt. And further yet the yogurt changes to cottage cheese. I realize this is a graphic thought, cottage cheese replacing the fluid movement between our cells, but this is as close a description as I can think of to describe the feeling of working with a severely congested body.


Really Imagine this happening in your body; how is nutrition supposed to get into the cells and waste get out?


ELT™ is designed specifically to break up that congestion and get the water of your body flowing freely again. ELT™ is the most efficient way to detox and cleanse the lymphatic system, which ultimately is the terrain or tissues of the body, and as we can now see, the health of the terrain determines the health of the body.

Causes of congestion
  • Lack of exercise

  • Poor food choices, processed foods, high sugary foods/drinks

  • Chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals, poor water quality

  • Environment, such as pollution, EMF’s, radiation, other chemicals

  • STRESS is the number one reason our bodies no longer function well.

  • Poor management of emotions, such as anger, resentment, guilt, fear

  • Tight fitting clothes

  • Illness, surgery or injury

  • For some it may be genetic because of a smaller functioning lymphatic system, which impairs how the body deals with the above

Symptoms of an Impaired lymphatic system
  •  Fatigue and sluggishness, lack of motivation

  • Unexplained aches and joint pains

  • Swelling or puffiness in areas of your body, or maybe your entire body

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Brain fog and poor concentration

  • Frequent colds and flu

  • Recurrent sinus infections

  • Fibrocystic, or tender breasts, enlarged prostate issues

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