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We create better outcomes in health with ELT™ Electro-Lymphatic Therapy.  We listen to your needs providing individualized care based on your health concerns using the science and technology of ELT™ We believe in your ability to over come challenges in your health and how you move and function in your environment.


As I am updating the website today I received a text from a client I saw yesterday with a severe shoulder issue that had been going on for a while. We used the technology of ELT™ to break up the tension and inflammation in her neck muscles that were pulling that shoulder up and out of alignment.

She wrote this to me: "By the way sunshine, I am so blessed with your gift and talent that you share with others! For the first time in a very long time I was able to sit in the recliner last night and both of my shoulders touched the back of it as well as when I laid in my bed, I am so excited! And Because Of You the road is a little easier to travel, love and hugs, have a great day." Donna E.


I share this with you to show you that we are much more that simple lymphatic therapy. Because we are so very grounded in the science and knowledge of human anatomy and the physiology of how the body responds during illness or injury, we can apply the science and technology of ELT™ to just about every situation that involves the human body. Recovering from illness requires a multifaceted approach. When you become a patient or client of Energy Medicine Therapies, we become invested in you. You have a genuine friend and confidant that is with you on your healing journey. We co-care and collaborate with many other healthcare practitioners around the Valley to help you create a wellness team and get the most comprehensive care for your needs.

We are here to work with you towards creating health. This is really what Energy Medicine Therapies is about, You.  

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Brandi Owens RN

Founder, Energy Medicine Therapies

Brandi has nearly 30 years as a nurse and 17 years in the Integrative Medical field. Brandi offers a unique perspective on health and wellbeing and offers Medical Consulting from the holistic approach.

Brandi has a very in depth knowledge of traditional diagnostic tests from her background in critical care and oncology medicine. This experience, along with continued studies in Biologic Medicine help her to apply conventional thinking and testing to functional knowledge of the body. 


With this understanding, Brandi is able to offer answers to the common “why do I feel like this” question that so many are frustrated with and unable to find an answer to these and other questions. 


Brandi provides the bridge that many are seeking between logical medicine that clearly defines the problem and natural healing processes to achieve true health. As a patient advocate for so many years, her understanding of illness and the body is invaluable when you are looking for someone to listen and hear what you need.


Please note that Brandi does not diagnose disease, only your medical doctor can do that. She helps you discover imbalances and works with you in a non-invasive, natural way to correct those imbalances.

Having a deep understanding of the science and technology behind ELT™ Electro-Lymphatic Therapy, Brandi has developed specific methodologies and protocols for addressing many of the health concerns we see today. Many of which are exclusive to her private practices here in Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


Her passion for teaching others about ELT™ has led her around the world educating medical professionals regarding lymphatic health and training practitioners in her method of Lymphatic De-congestive Therapy, Brandi Owens ELT™, both here in the US and Internationally. Brandi has become a world expert in the medical knowledge and use of ELT™ as well the much needed conventional practice of treating lymphedema. She teaches in all modalities, all forms of inert gas ionization instrument equipment designed for the use of ELT™. Brandi has developed successful lymphatic programs in integrative medical centers and integrative cancer centers both locally and abroad through her sales and education division of Energy Medicine Therapies.

Brandi’s goal is to help you maintain your healthy body or help you find your way to healing from illness, as she believes all things are possible with a new way to look at and appreciate your body.

Meet The Team

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Korri Carollo, M.A., CCC-SLP

Korri Carollo (a graduate of St. John’s University, NY, with a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology) is a Nationally-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist who has worked in the field since 2001. She specializes in Early Childhood Development and Oral Motor Therapy. 


Korri is currently employed at a Phoenix, Arizona, school district, on the preschool evaluation team. She has a small private practice that chiefly focuses attention on children on the autism spectrum.


Her latest professional milestone has been the opportunity to learn Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy under the tutorship of Brandi Owens RN. Korri considers her greatest achievement in her life to be the mother of two wonderful children: Charli and Kace.

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Sarah Baxter, cNMT

Coming soon!!

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