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I am really excited to share these videos and recordings to give you a broader view of what ELT™ - Electro-Lymphatic Therapy  can do for you. As I have said many times throughout this website, we listen to you and create treatment protocols to help you achieve your health goals. You are going to meet two lovely ladies who were guests at Chivitr Health & Rejuvenation in Phuket Thailand; one will share her view on receiving ELT™ for lymphedema of a nontraditional form, and the other has such an incredible story on her healing journey with cancer... it was too much fun working with her to not share it with all of you. And the third woman is an inspiring young entrepreneur who was seriously struggling in her new business until she found ELT™. I hope you enjoy these videos and find inspiration in these women.

                                                                                                    To your health always,

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Brandi Owens RN™ELT Protocol

An ELT™ Experience, 2 part series. ELT™ - Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

This is a wonderful quick 2 video series sharing one woman’s experience with ELT™ Electro-Lymphatic Therapy. Khun Monthira, a guest at Chivitr Health & Rejuvenation Centre in Phuket Thailand, does a beautiful job of relating that experience to us.   Please visit for more information about the programs offered there.

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Brandi Owens RN™TBI Protocol

ELT™- Testimony & Success

ELT™ Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) comes in all sorts of different presentations; they are not reserved to loss of consciousness or horrible accidents. We see that now with the increasing talk about athletes and CTE, with people who suffer multiple concussions, and even when looking at Alzheimer's and some forms of Dementia. All forms of TBI have one thing in common, and that is inflammation or proteins that are trapped in the tissues of the brain altering function. When I met Serena she hadn’t considered that the treatment she was given that healed her Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) and left some residual damage might be a form of traumatic brain injury that could be addressed by a previously unheard of therapy that is geared at improving the lymphatic drainage of the deep brain tissues.  
The Brandi Owens RN™TBI Protocol is that previously unheard of therapy. Brandi Owens RN has taken the science and technology of ELT™ - Electro-Lymphatic Therapy along with her in depth knowledge of the lymphatic system and applied it to the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. It works by breaking up the build up of proteins, inflammation that is trapped in the deep tissues of the brain and removing them through the lymphatic system. This is a proprietary technique exclusive to Brandi Owens RN and no one worldwide has been authorized to do this therapy.

For more information about Chivitr Health & Rejuvenation, please visit

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This video interview was inspired after completing a podcast interview about how illness affects a new small business owner. Because the podcast went so well, we wanted to expand our conversation to share more of her story in hope that it would help others in a more comprehensive way. 
The Podcast is called:  

168 Podcast Jen & Brandi by Al Loveland.

The video is a very informative 2 part conversation about Debilitating Migraines and Chronic sinus issues that had progressed to showing MS like symptoms. Speaking with Jen we can see how truly debilitating the symptoms of chronic sinus issues can be. Jen was so moved by her experience working with me and learning about herself in ways she never considered, she agreed to join me in educating others that it is possible to be free of the debilitating symptoms of chronic sinus issues. 

The Brandi Owens RN™ Sinus Protocol encompasses several things; things you can do at home as we discuss in this 2 part video series and for those that need more comprehensive care we offer ELT™ - Electro-Lymphatic Therapy to break up what has potentially been stuck in the sinuses for years and get the drainage of the head working optimally to restore balance to the immune system, lymphatic drainage, and sinus drainage. 

Brandi Owens RN™ Sinus Protocol

Debilitating Migraines, Chronic Sinus, and

ELT™- Electro-Lymphatic Therapy~ Part 1

 Brandi Owens RN™ Sinus Protocol

Debilitating Migraines, Chronic Sinus, and ELT™- Electro-Lymphatic Therapy~ Part 2

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