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Integrative Health Consulting

Answers to the questions: Why do I feel like things aren’t right when they tell me nothing is wrong?    What is a healthy alternative to mammography?  Why can’t I get better, I’m doing everything they tell me to do? 

Brandi, a Registered Nurse of over 23 years, brings her experience in critical care medicine and oncology to her work as an Integrative Health Consultant. With her knowledge of the body and disease processes, Brandi bridges the gap between Integrative Medicine and the traditional medical model.  

Integrative Health Consultant; Electro Lymphatic Therapy 

Answers to the questions: Why do I feel like things aren’t right when they tell me nothing is wrong?    What is a healthy alternative to mammography?  Why can’t I get better, I’m doing everything they tell me to do?                                                                                                                                                                  

Brandi has developed a unique understanding of how the body works in relationship to its environment. With more than 2 decades of experience of working with people of all ages and various types of disease, Brandi can help you navigate the road back to health. Brandi has a very in depth understanding of traditional diagnostic tests from her background in critical care/oncology medicine along with continued studies in Biologic Medicine allowing her to apply conventional thinking and testing to functional knowledge of the body and is able offer answers to the common “why do I feel like this” question that so many are unable to find an answer to. Brandi provides the bridge that many are seeking between logical medicine that clearly defines the problem and natural healing processes to achieve true health.

Brandi utilizes a cutting edge testing system called AlfaSight 9000™; a non-toxic, non- invasive testing method called Regulation Thermometry or European Thermography. You can choose to work with Brandi in a Health Consultant role to address the concerns found in the report with individualized protocols will be developed to meet your specific health needs, or testing can be provided with a report sent back to your health care provider.

Below is written by Denise, a 

When I found Brandi I wasn’t looking for her. I had looked up Desert Sage Herbs to see what kind of people worked there and if there might be a chance to volunteer as I was studying to be a Health Coach and looking for opportunities to learn as much as I could.

But, Brandi’s profile stood out to me and I read about her and then researched what I could find about her experience and the use of the Alfa Sight 9000™, Regulation (European) Thermography and Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT).


At this time in my life I had been living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for three years, had visited three different rheumatologists and tried six different meds for RA. I often believed there was another way to heal but didn’t know what that way was yet and the doctors certainly don’t tell you. I kept thinking about what I had read about Brandi and her experience. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to call her and ask questions because I wanted my active life back. I wanted to be able to kneel on the floor to my children’s eye level, ride my bike, go hiking, workout and do squats again, run and play with my dog, and be able to take long distance walks again.


After speaking with Brandi over the phone, I knew I really wanted to try working with her. The idea of finding help on my healing journey was giving me hope, yet I knew my insurance wouldn’t cover these alternative methods of testing and the healing protocols that Brandi had told me about briefly when we spoke. It was very overwhelming for me; unemployed, trying to start my own business with two children under the age of five and a husband who is a disabled veteran. I called a friend who I knew would be honest with me and I asked her if the initial cost of the Alfa Sight 9000™; Regulation (European) Thermography test was worth it. She said yes, at our age we need to do whatever we can for our health.


So hesitantly I decided to see Brandi. She did the Alfa test on me and then after the brief report consult she provides with each test, I knew I needed to work with her. I was relieved when Brandi found answers to my questions, answers my doctors were unable to provide and I knew I needed help solving my health issues. That excited me and I decided to work with her as my health consultant. She gave me food restrictions/elimination diet/and supplements to follow. As we worked together she helped me with all aspects of myself, it wasn’t just food and supplements. She really listened to me; found clues in my words and helped at what ever level was needed each time we met. She really does work at an Integrative level.  I did exactly what she told me. Even though I did not have the extra money in the beginning to do the ELT, I was grateful each time extra money came my way and I was able to add ELT to my treatment program. The results have been incredible!


I started seeing Brandi in December 2015. Just before seeing her I had been to my rheumatologist for routine tests and listened to her tell me that I needed to add another medication on top of the one I was taking. At that time nothing was helping. None of the drugs they tried helped me at all. My inflammation markers were really high and nothing was bringing them down. My CRP level was at 78.8 and my Sedimentation rate was 88. One month ago, a little less than 4 months of seeing Brandi, I was at my rheumatology appointment. The doctor was again telling me I needed to add another medication or switch my medications. When I refused they ran the lab tests again. My inflammation markers were dramatically lower! The CRP level went down to 1.7, that is a HUGE drop, and the Sedimentation rate went down to 28. TWENTY EIGHT!!!!! What a difference!!


Since I started seeing Brandi my energy has been lifted, I have been on a couple of light hikes, I can walk longer distances, I have ridden my bicycle a couple of times, and even been able to bounce on the trampoline. I continue to have the ELT as well here and there when I have extra cash. I have done everything Brandi has asked me to do (whether I like it or not). I will continue to until we know that I am in a place where I can stop taking medication. We still have a lot of work to do to reach the place where I consistently have no inflammation but I know and believe that time will come if I continue to be treated by Brandi. 

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