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ELT™ explained by Brandi Owens RN interview

with Anni Diamond in Paradise Point, Australia.

Hello! While we are waiting for the interview video to be revised, we have brought up one of our videos from the Media Gallery page. Enjoy!!

Energy Medicine Therapies can Help You

Whether you have been feeling not quite the same anymore or are currently dealing with a chronic health issue such as autoimmune or cancer, Energy Medicine Therapies can help you.

We offer you unique, effective, and non-toxic alternatives to accurate detection and the ability to rid your body of inflammation. European Thermography allows you to see what is contributing to the decline of your health and make corrective changes, while ELT™- Electro-Lymphatic Therapy allows you to clean up and restore immune function by detoxing at a cellular level reaching areas of inflammation in ways no other therapy or treatment can provide.

Come explore what we are all about and see how we can help you find the healthiest version of you.

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